For Services provided by Serius Network, LLC or its Affiliate(s)

This Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”) by Serius Network, LLC has been crafted as a guide for our customers to comprehend the intended and allowable uses of our services. This measure also helps prevent misuse, fraud, and exploitation of our unlimited calling plans and features. This Policy applies to all services we provide.

Blended Business and Individual Use

Serius Network, LLC’s unlimited business service plans and features are for typical business use. This usage must be in accordance with our Policy, our General Terms, and Conditions, and it should align with the usage levels and patterns of a typical customer on the same business calling plan. Unauthorized or excessive use that diverges from what is usually experienced by average business customers may cause network congestion that could increase busy signals and may lead to service termination.

Prohibited Business Uses

At Serius Network, LLC, we analyze customer usage against ordinary levels of acceptable usage undertaken by legitimate customers (residential use under residential service plans, business use under business service plans, or affiliate use under co-branded service offers or plans). Each of the following is deemed impermissible under Serius Network, LLC’s business unlimited plans and falls outside of normal single-family residential use, business, or co-branded use:• Management of a call center,
• Redistribution of telecommunications service to others,
• Auto-dialing or fax/voice blasting,
• Telemarketing,
• Running or connecting to multi-party conference calls,
• Running or connecting to multi-party “chat” lines,
• Engaging in activities that generate customer profit-sharing minutes,
• Traffic without verbal dialog, including use as a monitor, intercom, or transcription purposes. A customer’s total usage may be considered outside normal use if it exceeds 3,000 minutes per month along with one or more of the following: excessive unique numbers called, call lengths, call forwarding/transferring, conference calling, short-duration calls, number of calls made during a month, number of calls made to a conference calling service during a month; number of calls made during business hours; number of calls terminated and re-initiated consecutively, resulting in excessive call lengths during a specific time frame; or other unusual calling patterns indicative of an attempt to evade enforcement of this Policy. Based on such a combination, Serius Network, LLC may determine that abnormal, unreasonable, or impermissible usage is occurring compared to typical customers on the same calling plan and may take appropriate steps to enforce this Policy and the General Terms and Conditions.

LIMITATIONS AND REGULATIONS OF USAGE For Services provided by Serius Network, LLC or its Affiliate(s)

Serius Network, LLC may ascertain that atypical, excessive, or non-permissible usage is occurring, and may take corresponding action outlined below even if the total number of minutes used is not extravagant when a customer’s calling patterns over a month indicate excessive:• variety of numbers dialed;
• duration of calls;
• frequency of forwarding or transferring calls;
• engagement in conference calling;
• series of short calls;
• the number of calls made within a month;
• the number of calls made to a conference calling service within a month;
• sequences of calls ended and reinitiated leading to excessive overall call lengths within a specific timeframe;
• or other calling patterns suggesting attempted avoidance of this Policy’s enforcement.

Usage Restrictions and Rights of Serius Network, LLC

Customers must refrain from using our services and devices in a manner that is unlawful, deceitful, inappropriate, or unsuitable. We strictly prohibit the use of any automatic tools to manipulate our service or violate any laws, regulations, or any third-party intellectual property or personal rights.Serius Network, LLC reserves the right to review customer accounts and take additional action, including but not limited to, suspending the service of the customers if their usage extends beyond the typical usage levels of similar customers on the same calling plan, or negatively impacts other customers’ ability to use the service, or disrupts our operations.We may assess disproportionate usage by comparing it to usage patterns and levels of our other customers on the same plan(s). 

If we identify that a customer is indulging in abnormal or non-permissible usage, we will make a commercial effort to inform the customer and may provide the customer an opportunity to rectify the inappropriate use. If we give the customer the chance to correct their abnormally usage patterns and the customer does not immediately comply with standard usage, we may exercise our right to transition the customer’s service to a more suitable plan, charge relevant rates for that plan, apply other restrictions or suspend or terminate the customer’s service with or without notice. If we suspect that our service has been utilized for an illegal purpose or in transgression of this acceptable use policy, we may terminate the customer’s service immediately with or without notice, and/or forward relevant communication and other details to appropriate authorities for investigation and prosecution. We retain all of our legal rights, Serius Network, LLC holds the right to revise this Policy at any given time. Policy changes are effective when an updated Policy is posted on Serius Network, LLC’s websites. 

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